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High quality products

Fresh quality daily vegetable from our local vegetables store on Broadway.

Our delicious homemade pizza sauce emphasis on the taste of the original Neapolitan sauce, with the fresh combination of organic San Marzano tomatoes shipped from Italy.  All our sauces are homemade and fresh.

Our deli products: Fresh and tender meat purchased from our finest local deli shop, also dry Italian meat including prosciutto that has been aging for 24 months comes from Italian Bosa foods. We always select top quality products.

We have 18 flavours of real Italian gelato to choose from. with milk, cream, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees. It is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar than ice cream.

Napoletana | Italian Pizza Cafe is one of the classics that has been here since 2002, but it's also one of the top best pizza place in Vancouver!


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